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本文摘要:HTC will be allowed to continue exporting its newest phone to the US in spite of an attempt by Apple to keep some of its handsets out of the country during a long-running patent dispute between the two groups. 宏达电(HTC)将准许之后向美国出口其最新款手机,尽管苹果(Apple)企图制止宏达电的某些手机转入美国。

HTC will be allowed to continue exporting its newest phone to the US in spite of an attempt by Apple to keep some of its handsets out of the country during a long-running patent dispute between the two groups. 宏达电(HTC)将准许之后向美国出口其最新款手机,尽管苹果(Apple)企图制止宏达电的某些手机转入美国。这两家集团身陷一场旷日持久的专利纠纷。


The US International Trade Commission will continue to investigate whether some of the Taiwanese groups phones are violating an Apple-owned patent but the US groups unsuccessful attempt to immediately halt imports of the phones represents a small victory for HTC, according to analysts. 美国国际贸易委员会(ITC)将之后调查宏达电这家台湾集团的某些手机否侵害了苹果享有的一项专利,但分析师们回应,苹果没能立即制止宏达电手机的进口,代表着后者获得了一场小小的胜利。HTCs sales have been slipping, and any delay in the US to the launch of its latest models would have brought them into more direct competition with new phones expected from Samsung and Apple this year. 近期宏达电的销售有所下降,其最新款手机若不得不在美国市场延期销售,可能会使其面临三星(Samsung)和苹果预计将在今年发售的新款手机的更加必要竞争。Technology companies are increasingly turning to courts to halt sales or force redesigns of competitors devices, alleging patent infringements. Patent fights between Apple and groups including HTC and Samsung, which make handsets using Googles rival Android operating system, are particularly fierce. 如今,科技公司日益以专利侵权行为为由催促法庭制止竞争对手设备的销售,或被迫其改动设计。苹果与宏达电和三星等生产谷歌(Google)安卓(Android)系统手机的制造商之间的专利之争特别是在白热化。

Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones, while Apples iPhone system trails in second place, according to data from ComScore. ComScore的数据表明,安卓是目前人气最低的智能手机操作系统,苹果iPhone的操作系统分列在第二位。The ferocity of the courtroom fights is creating a lot of uncertainty for companies and investors, said CK Cheng, an analyst with CLSA in Taipei. At least for now, lots of people are talking about how its a flawed patent system in the US but unfortunately thats the reality there, said Mr Cheng. 里昂证券(CLSA)派驻台北的分析师郑兆刚(CK Cheng)回应,法庭内的白热化交锋于是以给企业和投资者带给“大量不确定性”。郑兆刚回应:“最少就目前而言,很多人都在谈论美国的专利制度如何不存在缺失,而意外的是,那里的现实情况正是如此。” In its case against HTC, Apple argued that HTCs phones were continuing to violate a previous order that HTC remodel parts of the phones software to avoid infringing an Apple patent. 苹果在对宏达电驳回的诉讼中主张,宏达电的手机仍在违背此前的一项命令,该命令拒绝宏达电改建涉及手机的软件,以防止侵害苹果的一项专利。

Apple had asked the trade commission to keep HTCs phones, including its new flagship One X model, out of the US. The trade commission declined on the grounds that it could not yet determine whether or not the phones complied with the prior order. Some HTC phones were earlier this year held up by US customs due to the ongoing fight with Apple. 苹果此前催促ITC禁令宏达电的手机(还包括其新款旗舰产品One X手机)转入美国。但ITC拒绝接受了这一催促,理由是它仍未确认涉及手机否遵从了此前的命令。与苹果之间持续的法律战,曾在今年早些时候造成宏达电的某些手机被美国海关扣留。

In late May, HTC said its shipments had been cleared after customs determined they were not violating the Californian companys patent. HTC still faces additional disputes over intellectual property in addition to the ongoing investigation into whether HTC is still violating Apples patent. Nokia last month launched cases against HTC and BlackBerry maker RIM. 5月下旬,宏达电回应,其发运的手机早已清关,因为美国海关已确定它们未侵害总部坐落于加州的苹果的专利。除了针对宏达电否仍在侵害苹果专利的调查外,宏达电还面对着其他知识产权纠纷。诺基亚(Nokia)上月对宏达电和黑莓(BlackBerry)的制造商RIM驳回诉讼。









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